Humboldt County Coastal Homes

With its western side situated on the Pacific Coast, Humboldt County is an exceptional rural expanse that features a variety of residential settings along the water. In fact, Humboldt County coastal homes are among the most highly sought after properties in the entire region – the views of the ocean and bay, availability of water recreation and access to parks and forests makes this a true oasis for many visitors and residents.

Humboldt County received its name from the presence of Humboldt Bay, the second largest bay in California and the only deep-water bay between San Francisco and Coos Bay in Oregon. Since the mid 1800’s, the bay has served the shipping and fishing industries, fueling the growth of historic cities like Eureka. Today, tourism, sport fishing, and activities like surfing have become a strong part of the continuing allure of Eureka and nearby Trinidad waterfront homes.

Coastal Real Estate in Humboldt County

Humboldt County coastal homes hold a great deal of potential for a wide variety of buyers, from professionals to families, vacation homeowners and retirees. Aside from taking advantage of the breathtaking panoramas and beaches, oceanfront homes have been built with the temperate climate and natural settings in mind. Expect properties with features that complement the way of life; Trinidad CA ocean view homes for example enjoy ample space, hot tubs, and patios.

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